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    Boat detailing is a difficult prospect, your boat needs expertise and proper equipment to receive the detailing it needs.
    Make sure your boat's exterior and interior are both expertly handled! You want to make sure your boat always makes a great first impression.
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Our Services

Bottom Boat Painting

Painting the underside of your boat is no easy task, that's why it requires expertise from people who know what they're doing. Paint for the underside of your boat is important, and when it starts to crack and peel it's hard not to notice. We have the equipment to clean off and repaint the underside of your boat once it's out of the water.

Boat Detailing

Alp & Ome-Services LLC’s boat detailing services come in different plans for you to choose from. These packages can include interior as well as exterior cleaning services. From weekly washing & waxing to carpet cleaning, we offer all there is to give your boat a refreshing look.

Inside boat cleaning
Interior Boat Cleaning

Make sure your boat's interior is always clean with an interior detailing service you can rely on. Keep your boat's interior spotless, so it always makes a great first impression.

Boat Wood Chip Repair

Your boat's wood is likely susceptible to chips and damage. While nicks and chipped wood isn't a huge problem initially, you probably don't need to be reminded what happens when a watercraft takes on too much damage. We will fill your holes, buff your scratches, and fix all damage to any wood on your boat.

Waxing polisher
Boat Waxing

Boat waxing is integral to making sure your boat lasts as long as it can. It protects your boat from UV rays, salt water, and more, while ensuring it can move over the water with ease. For waxing that gets the whole craft covered, contact Alp & Ome-Services LLC today!

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